WeLoveOutland.com is the official online presence for Outland, a music management and production house which incorporates Outland Recordings, Outland Live Synthwave Events and Outland Artiste Bookings & Management.

Established in 2016 as Outland Synthwave Events, the live music promotion and events agency became popular for producing high-calibre immersive audiovisual synth and retrowave-orientated shows both in the UK and abroad.

Though much has changed since those early days, Outland Recordings and Artiste Management continues to inspire and serve terrific new artists with flare and passion.

Outland is currently home to titles from Dreamkid, The Last Concorde, Valley Lights, Kodachrome Cowboy, Laura Dre, Dana Jean Phoenix, Morgan Willis, Taurus 1984, Shades of Thunder and The Future Kids. Outland remains at its core a small artist-based label which values creativity and intuition, whilst promoting the burgeoning synth and retrowave scene on the whole.

Outland Toronto 2019
Outland Toronto 2019 - Photo by Connor Watt